How to search by ad type

Sometimes you will only want to search and display certain types of posters or panels on the map. For example, you may only be interested in 48 Sheet Backlit Billboards. Filters such as this can easily be applied using the map’s filter box.

  1. In the filter box on the left of the map, use the checkboxes to display or hide specific ad types such as billboards, bus shelters or digital screens.
  2. Some types, such as Billboards, have a black triangle next to them. Click this to display further filter options within that panel type. For example, clicking on Billboards brings up three further options Backlit, Paper and Digital.
  3. Tick the box to display that type on the map, untick to remove it.

Search by ad type

You can also search by date, within a price range, by area, location ID and points of interest.

NB: If you cannot see the panel on the left, this feature may not be turned on for your organisation.

★ Clients, Admin and Power Users Anyone can perform this function.

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