Part two for sales teams

Once you have mastered the basics you’ll need to help your clients use the platform. It is time to learn how to action some of the most common questions you’ll be asked.

  1. Here’s how to easily generate a list of all in progress, optioned or completed bookings.
  2. How to confirm a client’s booking request.
  3. Or how to make a client’s booking request an option.
  4. By default, all clients are set to purchase media and printing and not be able to option panels themselves. You can change this to allow certain clients to purchase media only and allow some clients to option panels themselves.
  5. You can remove VAT from a campaign, say, for a charity or non-profit.
  6. How to authorise finance when a client has booked and paid via Bank Transfer.
  7. You can manually upload artwork for a client.
  8. Learn how to remove, approve or reject their artwork (NB: if your printer is external, they won’t be able to see the campaign until you have approved the artwork).
  9. Sometimes you may need to remove panels from their campaign or cancel their booking.

These are just some of the many things you can do for your clients. We recommend continuing your learning by browsing through the sections on the right. Or you can search for specific functions using the search box above.

Remember to look out for the green box at the bottom of each article to identify who is able to perform that function – your clients, admin users or power users.

★ Admin and Power Users only This function is only available to those with an Admin or Power User account. If you don’t have access, but think you should, please contact your system administrator.

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