Part one for sales teams

You’ll want to get familiar with your new software so that you are able to confidently answer and action questions from your clients. Run through this list to get a handle on some of the basics of using the platform.

  1. Setting up an account via the login page is easy for your clients to do. But, occasionally, you may want to set their account up for them.
  2. Get familiar with the different ways you and your clients can search and filter locations/panels on the map:
  3. See how your clients can add locations/panels to their campaign before checking out.
  4. Then show them how they can create multiple campaigns to better organise and group locations/panels together for different purchases.
  5. Once they have finished adding locations/panels to their campaign, they can complete their booking by paying by Credit or Debit card or by Bank Transfer.
  6. Clients can also upload their own artwork at any time before the due date.

When you’ve completed this list, head here for Part two of Getting Started for sales teams.

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