How to use Analytics

Console includes two Analytics Dashboards which allow you to view live analytics and user trends from within the app to better understand how clients are using your store. 

  1. To access this, log in, then using your account drop down in the top right of your window, choose either ‘Live’ or ‘Trends’ from the Analytics Dashboard.
  2. Under ‘Live’ you can see the real-time behaviour of current site users.
  3. Under ‘Trends’ you can see user behaviour on your site over a specified time period.
  4. In both views, you can analyse metrics such as how many people are currently using your site, how that compares to the same day last week, which pages they are interacting with, how long they are spending on your site and how many pages they are viewing. You can also see where your users are from and where they have been referred from.
★ Admin and Power Users only This function is only available to those with an Admin or Power User account. If you don’t have access, but think you should, please contact your system administrator.

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