How to identify leads

The warmest leads are those people who have added panels to their campaigns, but not yet booked. 

  1. To generate a list of these ‘In Progress’ campaigns, login, then using your account drop down in the top right of your window, select ‘All Campaigns’ under the Management Dashboard.
  2. This will bring up a list of all the campaigns in the system.
  3. Select the ‘In Progress’ tab from the top.
  4. Set a date filter or leave it blank to see all.
  5. You can then sort or search the list using any of the headings such as Client, Campaign Name or Number, Booking Date, Start and End Dates or Running Status.
  6. Select the Client name to see further details about that client
  7. Select Campaign name or number to see further details about that campaign.
★ Admin and Power Users only This function is only available to those with an Admin or Power User account. If you don’t have access, but think you should, please contact your system administrator.

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