How to confirm a client’s booking request

When a client completes a booking, there are a few things to be approved by the admin team before the booking is considered confirmed. Here’s how the process works:

  1. The client adds panels to their campaign and completes the booking request using BACS or credit card payment.
  2. An email alert is sent automatically to your admin team asking them to check that the panel is available and approve the booking.
  3. If the booking is paid for by card, finance is automatically approved. If it is paid for by bank transfer, your finance team will receive an email alert asking them to approve it.
  4. This will confirm the booking and send an automated email to the client letting them know that it has been confirmed.
★ Admin and Power Users only This function is only available to those with an Admin or Power User account. If you don’t have access, but think you should, please contact your system administrator.

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