It’s time to talk about how we automate D/OOH at scale

It’s time to talk about automation at scale 

Automation and programmatic have cemented themselves as real buzzwords in D/OOH. Their mention usually incites fierce debate on who is doing what, how it is best achieved – or whether Online’s programmatic model should be followed by D/OOH at all.

In less than a week’s time media owners, agencies and adtech companies will delve into the details of this complicated subject in the final 2019 event in the Adtech OOH series on Wednesday 4 December, 2019.

After chairing a panel at the first event back in 2017, the team here at Signkick were keen to see the discussion brought to Amsterdam last year. Not only because it’s home to our research and development team, but because The Netherlands has shown to be an early-adopter of automation and programmatic D/OOH technology.

Individually, we know we hold some, but not all, of the answers to delivering programmatic and automated trading in D/OOH. The promise it holds for D/OOH will, probably, never be realised by one company or solution. Only when the end-to-end process is completely connected will we realise automation and programmatic trading’s full potential at scale.

Next week’s event will bring together leaders in this space from The Netherlands, UK and across Europe. So it’s an opportunity to be updated on our frenemies progress, and throw around some buzzwords as we forge next steps for the industry.

For our part in this conversation – and the greater goal of progressing automation – MediaCom’s Head of OOH trading or iDOOH, Arran Javed will be on stage to talk about the synergy we’ve created to help connect media owner’s with MediaCom’s trading desk. Together, we’ve established a friction-free buy-side connection for media owners to use to automate planning responses and trade automatically, at scale.

Signkick Trading Bridge is the force behind this. Using Signkick Trading Bridge, media owners – large and small – can create the same friction-free connection with any automated buyer they choose.

For top tier media owners, whose systems aren’t compatible with automated buyers, Signkick Trading Bridge takes care of translations and conversions while implementing business rules, so their trading never misses a beat.

For challenger brands, Connectivity+ is the way to first moves your inventory to an easy-to-use sales and booking platform, then connect. With the ability to manage automated bookings and place manual ones, you’ll retain full control over your inventory.

Connectivity and compatibility are words we hear our media owners struggling with everyday. Using Signkick Trading Bridge, we’re able to deliver a simpler, way to automate and connect media owners with their buyers. So they can get on with the rest of the conversation.

The full agenda can be found here and features speakers from Albert Heijn, Ocean NL, Global Outdoor and Facebook. While the room is almost at full capacity, tickets are still on sale here.