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Clear Channel UK partners with Signkick on digital Out of Home trading automation

Clear Channel UK has announced its partnership with media owner technology partner, Signkick, to deliver friction-free, OpenDirect compliant, automated trading with their current and potential future partners. Powered by Signkick’s Trading Bridge software, Clear Channel and Signkick will establish a live, automated connection between Clear Channel’s Adshel Live estate and the automated platforms of major […]

OpenDirect 1.5.1: what does it mean?

Last month, Outsmart and the IPA’s outdoor specialists announced the publication of OpenDirect (OOH) 1.5.1, a programmatic direct trading standard for the OOH industry. Building on the IAB Tech Lab’s OpenDirect structure, this new standard will become the go-to source of information for those outside the industry to connect with OOH and incorporate it into their […]

How does ecommerce work for OOH?

From flights to fast food, everything we could ever want or need is available online, just a few taps away. But not D/OOH advertising. Traditionally, purchasing digital and classic OOH has been a cumbersome process for advertisers and media owners alike. Sales teams rely on spreadsheets and advertisers make phone calls (within business hours!) every […]

Consolidation of OOH can simplify. But so can tech

This week’s news that our friends Primesight and Outdoor Plus have been bought by Global Media and Entertainment to form Global Outdoor comes after much talk of consolidation of OOH. This, of course, follows Ocean Outdoor’s acquisition of Forest earlier in the year. The advantages are clear. Consolidation of OOH media owners gives them more ammunition […]

Automation and Programmatic DOOH – problematic or full of possibility?

It’s the p-word on everyone’s lips. But unlike online advertising, moving D/OOH to full automation and programmatic trading comes with another big p-word. Problems. So where does programmatic D/OOH trading become problematic? And how do we crack the code to make these problems, possibilities? First, let’s get clear on two current front-runners in automated and […]

What is a SSP and DSP in OOH?

It’s an exciting, though challenging, time for the D/OOH world. Evolving this traditionally analogue medium in the digital age means so much more than replacing posters with screens. The biggest leap is the one we are embarking on. Moving into the third era of transaction, where traditional and digital OOH media are bought and sold […]

FEPE posed the questions; software holds the answers

As we settle back into post-FEPE life at our desks, we’ve been reflecting on the many questions raised at this year’s annual congress in Sorrento. It seems the end goal is clear. As an industry, we need to make OOH easier to plan and buy in order to keep up with the rise and rise […]

Collaborate and Automate: FEPE International’s 59th Annual Congress

The Sorrento sun was shining on the OOH industry as the 59th annual FEPE International Congress kicked off last week. With over 400 delegates from 40 countries, it was a truly international affair, with updates on a thriving OOH industry in Latin American, China, the USA, Japan and closer to home in Europe and the […]